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the 30 series Excavator

Custom-Built Equipment | One-Year Powertrain Warranty | Locally and Family Owned


Hours: Open •Monday - Friday (8am - 5pm)

Saturday (9am - 1pm)

The 30 Series application

The 30 series can be used in construction projects to break concrete, rehabilitate soil, cast cables, lay water pipes, plant trees, and clean ditches and rivers. Moreover, it can perform various tasks such as drilling, bulldozing, excavation, breaking, and ditch clearing.


  1. It consists of accessories to enhance the overall performance of the machine.

  2. A robust, single-forging forming cylinder with an integrated NOK seal.

  3. Utilize plastic molding technology, thicker, high-quality steel, and anti-corrosion protection to avert rusting.

  4. The use of internationally famous brand reducers ensures smooth operation and excellent reliability.

  5. Reducers from well-known brands used internationally offer a smooth operation and excellent reliability.

  6. The adaptive body and 360-degree rotation make it easier to work outside.

KH30D/ZH30D/BH30D starting Prices

  • KH30D-2 $26,800 open station $28,900 cab unit

  • ZH30D $27,800 open station $29,700 cab unit

  • BH30D $29,900 open station $31,900 cab unit


Let's start with adjustable dozer blade, engineered rubber track with wear resistance, adjustable driver's seat, standard bucket, side sway function, and hydraulic lock are just a few features of the Kubota V1505 engine.


In addition, this equipment has pilot multiple valves, a pilot control handle, a U.S. Eaton motor, an import cylinder, a tube with an integrated NOK sealing ring, and an adjustable dozer blade are other significant characteristics.


  • Hammer

  • Ripper

  • Log grapple

  • Rake

  • Auger drill

  • Large bucket

  • Closed cab

  • Mud bucket APPLICATION Applicable to indoor demolition

  • Toilet upgrading

  • Engineering forcible entry

  • Excavate barren hills

  • Small earthwork

  • Municipal projects

  • Break concrete

  • Dredging river and other working environment.


 KH30D                                     $28,900 (Cab)

Total Weight                                              4600 lbs

Track Length                                             64"

Total Width                                                 48"

Total Height                                               7' 3"

Max. Digging Radius                              13' 4"

Max. Digging Depth                                7' 2"

Max. Digging Height                               9' 2"

Min. Ground Clearance                         7"

Engine Brand                                            Kubota

Engine ModelV                                         1505

Output Power                                           30 hp

Walking Speed                                          0-4.5km/h

Climbing Angle                                          35°

Bucket size                                                   16"

Max vertical distance                               10' 4"

Track size                                                       230x72x43

Retractable track size                               230x74x48


ZH30D                            $27,800 (Canopy) $29,700 (Cab)

Weight                              5000 lbs

Max Reach                       11' 8"

Max Digging Radius     14' 3"

Max Dumping Height    9'9"

Width                                   52"

Track Length                     77"

Track To Blade                  92"

EngineKubota V1            505

Fuel Type                           Diesel


BH30D Excavator Details


Model BH30D                                        $31,900 (Cab)

Total weight                                               6200 lbs

Total length                                                14' 3"

Total width                                                 60"

Total height                                                7' 9"

Max. digging radius                                15' 6"

Max. digging depth                                 7' 8"

Max. reach                                                  13' 2"

Max. dumping height                             10' 1"

Min. ground clearance                           0.6'

Engine brand                                             Kubota

Engine model                                            V1505

Output power                                           30 HP

Walking speed                                          0-4.6km/h

Climbing angle                                         35°

Bucket Width                                             20"

Track to blade                                           96"

Track length                                               77"

Track size                                                    230x88x48

Max vertical distance                             12' 1"

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